7 Ways Asset Tracking Software Can Benefit Your Business

7 Ways Asset Tracking Software Can Benefit Your Business

itemit’s asset tracking software can benefit many types of businesses in many different ways. The frequently-updated software works by tracking every asset in numerous ways. Thanks to the way that it works, tracking software can have more benefits than users may have realised.

7 Ways Asset Tracking Software Can Benefit Your Business

Extending The Life of Assets

The right asset tracking software has the potential to extend the life of every asset it tracks. This feature arises from the fact that users can see the asset’s condition. It’s possible to understand whether an asset is performing as well as it should be.

If an asset is not performing well, the last person to use it can leave a note. Management will be notified that there’s an issue and decide if the asset needs to be repaired. Frequent repairs allow assets to have an extended life. What this ultimately means is that fewer replacement assets need to be purchased.

Maintenance Expenses are Lowered

Correct asset management helps to reduce maintenance expenses. This can be a result of users regularly scheduling maintenance. When assets are looked after, they are less likely to fail. This ultimately means that assets will need to undergo less maintenance in the future. 

itemit’s asset tracking software allows users to schedule maintenance for every asset. When an asset is due to be maintained, an alert is sent to the user and/or the maintenance team. Acting on the alert ensures that the asset in question is examined, undergoes repairs and is fit for use. 

As a result, expenses will be lowered and there will be more working assets available for use at all times.

Operations Are Streamlined

Daily operations can be streamlined using itemit’s tracking software. The software allows users to understand which assets are being used, and which assets need to be sent elsewhere. Users can see what they have in stock and whether more assets need to be ordered. 

As it’s possible for businesses to track assets, they can see if there are enough tools, for example, at a specific location. More tools can be sent if required, or they can be sent to a second location. Without the use of the tracking software, too few or too many tools could be sent to each location. 

When every worker has the tools that they need for the job, operations can be streamlined.

Ghost Assets Are Identified

Another major benefit of using the right asset tracking software is its ability to identify ghost assets. Ghost assets are those which have either been lost, stolen, or damaged. Assets such as these can still be listed in a business’s inventory. However, they are unable to be used and are therefore of no real benefit. 

itemit’s tracking software works in such a way that allows ghost assets to be identified. When an asset is lost or stolen, the software can still track it. This feature allows for the assets to be retrieved. 

When an asset is damaged, management can choose to repair or replace it. The repaired asset or its replacement can be used whenever it is needed. Therefore, fewer ghost assets will exist.

Productivity Can Be Increased

Users of assets no longer need to manually log their movements and tasks. Thanks to the way that itemit’s asset tracking software works, users can undertake their tasks without the need to manually scan or log what they’re doing. This ensures that users can carry on with their work without having to stop and input their location, tasks, etc.

Asset Recovery is Enabled

The right tracking software enables users to pinpoint exactly where their assets are. As each asset has a QR code or RFID tag attached, it’s possible to identify its location. 

Logging into itemit’s software and selecting the asset in question will result in a location being shown. The location shown is the asset’s last-known location. The location is updated whenever users select the asset from the menu. What this means is that workers can quickly find where their tools are. This feature can, therefore, help to save a lot of time that would have otherwise been spent searching for the tools.

Assets Can Be Checked In And Out

The checking in and out feature can prove to be very beneficial. It allows management to identify which assets are in use, and which are in the warehouse or storeroom. This feature also allows management to understand who is using which assets. Accountability for assets is, therefore, increased, and users feel more responsible for the tools they’re using.

Let itemit’s Asset Tracking Software Work Hard For You

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