5 Reasons Why you Need IT Asset Management Software

Your business needs IT asset management software. Being able to see what you own, monitor maintenance, and keep a register of your assets provides a brilliant opportunity to cut costs and save time.

How does it work? You’ll create digital profiles of your assets, which you’ll then be able to track and manage. With the use of QR code asset tags, you can link physical assets to these digital profiles.


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Every scan of a QR code asset tag opens up the corresponding asset’s profile, ready for maintenance to be logged or for a booking to be completed. Each scan also updates an asset’s last seen location and the user who scanned it, showing you where assets have been.

So, why do you need IT asset management software? Find out more below.


1. Asset Tracking Shows You What You Own

Having a full IT asset register shows you what you own. When it comes to writing up expenses and leveraging assets against profits, therefore, you’ll simply be able to export your IT asset register and transfer it to your finances.

This helps with tax breaks and ensures that you avoid fines by mitigating the risk of ghost assets and zombie assets.

Also, knowing what you own shows you what you do and don’t need to purchase, saving you money with the clear control that you gain.


2. IT Asset Management Software Saves You Time

Knowing where everything is speeds up asset retrieval. For example, if somebody needs a laptop, you’ll be able to check your IT asset management software to see where it is to collect it faster.

Also, every scan of a QR code asset tag speeds up adding information to your assets. Therefore, if you need to log maintenance, all you need to do is scan the tag and report this issue.

This information updates in real-time, meaning the changes will be reflected on your app and your web portal for your users to see.

3. Save Money With An IT Asset Register

Having a clearer view of asset information saves you money. You’ll be able to save petrol on asset retrieval, as well as optimise your operations.

Time is money, so saving time with IT asset management software also saves you money. But, losing fewer assets and creating more automation in your business also provides a high ROI.

The ability to see that everyone has what they need to work and that your assets are performing well saves money while also generating more revenue.

4. Make Onboarding Simple

When you’re onboarding new staff, you’ll be able to use an assignee feature to link assets to individuals. This way, you create an audit trail of who is using which assets.

Everyone needs a laptop to work, so being able to assign your business assets to individuals helps you verify that everyone has what they need.

Overall, this allows you to have more control over your assets and more visibility over what’s going on within your business.


5. Use The Data For Better Business Decisions

All of this information is viewable and exportable in customisable reports. What this means is that you’ll be able to run a report on which IT assets require PAT tests, for example.

Customisable and streamlined reports show you how assets are behaving, and which require work to be done on them. This gives you more time and freedom to plan ahead, showing you which assets will require downtime, and which should be replaced.

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