4 Types of Equipment to Track with Asset Tracking Software

4 Types of Equipment to Track with Asset Tracking Software

Here at itemit, we understand that equipment tracking is an essential part of many businesses. Being able to track all types of assets can help you to know where it is and how it’s performing at all times. 

Thanks to the way that our equipment tracking software works, it has never been easier to track assets. Not only will our software help you to track the location of your assets, you can also see who is using what assets. This can improve the level of security and help your business to run more smoothly.

Let’s take a look at 4 types of equipment that you can track with itemit.

Office Equipment

Anyone who works in an office will understand just how much equipment they use daily. From printers to photocopiers, computers, to shredders, a lot of equipment tends to be used. As a result, it can be hard to track everything. This could be as a result of the equipment being moved from office to office. 

Here is where itemit’s tracking software can help. Our equipment tracking software can help you to locate your assets instantly. Additionally, you can quickly determine which members of your team are using which assets. If this was not enough, itemit’s software allows your team members to request equipment should they need to use it. It goes without saying then, that our software is ideal for use in offices.

Sports Equipment

Sports clubs tend to have more equipment than they realise. Keeping track of such equipment can be difficult. However, when an asset inventory is created, keeping track of every piece of equipment is a breeze. 

Users can gain access to their asset inventory within moments. Additionally, they can immediately understand whether something is in a poor state of repair. This is thanks to users being able to report issues with any asset. 

As long as a QR code or a barcode is added to an asset it can be tracked. The QR codes and barcodes we supply have been made to last. This ultimately means they can be placed on any sports equipment you wish. When you can track everything from goal posts, treadmills, balls, and trampolines, you can keep a close eye on every piece of equipment. This ensures equipment is less likely to go missing and more likely to be in good condition.

Business Asset Tracking


Tracking tools is something that has proven highly useful to those who work in the construction industry. Our equipment tracking allows construction companies to track all of their tools with ease. 

Companies who have previously relied upon spreadsheets to keep track of their tools know the task is not easy. Here is where itemit’s tracking software can make a real difference. It is possible to track tools with ease. This feature can be very useful should tools be used in multiple locations. 

If a tool sustains damage, it can be weeks, if not months before it is repaired. However, when the right tracking software is used, damaged tools are likely to be repaired quicker. This is thanks to the alerts that users can send to the maintenance team. The user of the tool can inform the maintenance team via itemit’s software that there’s an issue. The maintenance team will receive an alert and prepare to repair the tool. Without the use of itemit’s software, communicating that there’s an issue with a tool can be much harder. As a result,  it’s unlikely that everyone will have the tools they need to complete their tasks.


Machinery hire companies may find our equipment tracking software highly useful. Rather than hoping the machinery will be returned, it’s possible to track the machinery. 

When every piece of machinery has a QR code or barcode attached to it, it’s possible to see its last-known location. As a result, machinery is less likely to go missing or be stolen. 

itemit’s software also allows users to create data surrounding each piece of machinery. The data can show how often the machinery is used, by whom, and why. With this information, it’s possible to determine whether more machinery needs to be purchased.

Track Your Equipment Using itemit’s Equipment Tracking Software

itemit’s equipment tracking software makes tracking every piece of equipment easy. It takes the guesswork out of where your equipment is and who is using it. With the ability to be used in a wide range of environments, our tracking software is ideal. Businesses everywhere are now discovering just how well our software can work for them. 

Contact itemit today to find out just how well our tracking software can work for you. You can reach our customer service team at team@itemit.com. Alternatively, you could sign up for our popular 14-day free trial so you too can see how well our software works.

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