3 Ways Healthcare Asset Tracking Software Saves You Time

Time is crucial in the healthcare industry. To save some of it, it’s crucial to know where your equipment is, who can use it, and what state it’s in. To do this, you can use healthcare asset tracking software.

Healthcare asset tracking software can save you a lot of time where time is most needed. How? We’ve come up with 3 of the main ways healthcare asset tracking software saves you time.


1. Know Where Everything Is 

Crucially, healthcare asset tracking software saves you time by showing you where everything is at a given moment.

You’ll be able to create a full fixed asset register, where you can track and manage your assets.

Then, you’ll be able to tag your assets in a number of ways to ensure you know where everything is.

So, you’ll be able to use QR codes and barcodes to manage asset’s last seen locations. While the cheapest, this may not be the most effective option for a hospital. You may need to take location audits of assets that are in use, and therefore unreachable.

In this case, you’ll be able to use RFID tagging to monitor assets from a distance. For example, if you don’t want to disturb a patient, RFID doesn’t require line-of-sight so that you can audit all the same.

The most effective location tracking option is GPS tagging and tracking. With this, you’ll be able to monitor asset location in real-time, allowing for instant retrieval.

If you need to load up an ambulance, for example, these options help you do it at speed, ready for immediate use.


Healthcare Asset Tracking Software At Work


2. Control Pre-Emptive Maintenance

The ability to control maintenance in your healthcare asset tracking software lends you many benefits. Knowing which assets are usable, available, and safe to use is extremely helpful.
You’ll be able to check assets out, marking them as unavailable, when maintenance is scheduled, and use reminders to schedule this maintenance.

Using Reminders For Your Asset Tracking

Should a piece of equipment need reactive maintenance, it’s important to have an issues management system, too. This way, a smart AI bot can categorise your issues by severity, showing you which assets need instant maintenance and helping you schedule your time effectively.


3. Inventory and Order Assets 

Finally, you’ll be able to track your inventory and order assets should you need them.

For life-saving equipment such as PPE, inventory tracking and orders creates a more effective workflow. You’ll have more peace of mind knowing that everything you have is verified as safe, usable, and, best of all, plentiful.

itemit’s healthcare asset tracking software has already been helping with the inventory and acquisition of PPE for hospitals. We’re helping the University of Cambridge and Addenbrookes hospital monitor PPE inventory and order it.


Why Use itemit’s Healthcare Asset Tracking Software?

itemit’s healthcare asset tracking software is already being used by healthcare professionals across the globe. We listen to feedback and always endeavour to improve our system for specific use cases.

Because of this, our asset management system is incredibly effective for hospital use because we’ve already worked closely with teams in the healthcare industry.

A lot of our helpful features are tailored towards healthcare, such as instant inventory tracking and quantity changes, and an ordering system via the management of issues.

To find out more about how our healthcare asset tracking software can help you, you can contact us or fill in the form below.

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