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You’re embarking on a significant journey. You have been trusted with the task of implementing a new IT asset management software. You know a lot is riding on this and that if you make a success of it, you’ll get some much-needed brownie points from the boss – which will come in very handy when you go for that promotion.

It’s a good job you’re here. Here are our tried and tested top 3 things you must do to ensure your business’ IT assets are managed to perfection.


1. Identify requirements ahead of time

We cannot stress how important this is. There are no shortcuts and no ways around this one. You have to tackle it head-on and dedicate time to establishing what your system must do and what it must deliver for you and the business. This includes getting into the detail of what data the system should hold, who’s going to have access to it and what the company expects as a result of it.

Unfortunately, although you may not want to hear this, to achieve the holy grail of successfully managed IT assets, you must go and discuss with other departments to find out how this may impact them and to gather feedback on what they would like to be included. We know, although you love a natter with Steve and Julie at the other end of the office, it’s true even when it comes to IT asset management that too many cooks spoil the broth. When you show a shiny new system to people, they will all want a piece of it. It’s human nature (or magpie nature).

Here’s where you come in. You must take control of this, gather the feedback, assess what is and isn’t possible and inform all stakeholders of what this solution will provide for them. You and your colleagues must all accept that, sometimes, there is no one solution that will tick every single box. However, you can indeed find a solution that ticks the most critical boxes and provides significant benefits to the business.

You must become the master of IT asset management. IT asset management software makes this easy.


2. Plan the rollout of your IT asset management software strategically

Choose your timing carefully. There’s never going to be a perfect time to roll out a new system and a new set of processes. But there are terrible times like just before the Christmas holidays, hell I’d go as far as to say December, in general, is a no-no. All that festive cheer has a beautiful effect on people; everyone is happy and jolly and merry but ain’t nobody got time for you and your new IT asset management system.

One of our top tips is to get some of your most trusted members of staff on board with you and the new IT asset tracking solution. You are going to need allies out in the field to ensure the software is being used correctly and to feedback to you invaluable comments and suggestions from the team on the ground that are tasked with actually tracking your IT assets.


3. Don’t abandon the troops!

Once you’ve released the system into the wild, the worst possible thing you can do is think to yourself, job done. It is most definitely not ‘job done’. Arguably, the most critical phase of the system’s rollout is now upon you.

As with small businesses, the first year is going to be critical for you and your asset management system. Even if the first few weeks seem to be going well, and you’ve had positive feedback, and you can see the system being used – don’t rest on your laurels. Change management involves ensuring that an organisation makes a permanent change from its existing state to its new state and not a temporary replacement. To ensure a change sticks in business, a feedback loop is mandatory, and the team and system must go through a reiteration process. This is critical for success as it allows the theorised solution to the problem to be tested in practice and, most importantly, by the staff members that are expected to use this system day in day out.

Make sure your team feel supported and listened to and incorporate their feedback to improve the management of your IT assets – for the good of everyone!

Stick to these top tips, and you and your new IT asset management software are going to be just fine.

If you’ve chosen itemit as your IT asset management software, firstly thank you and congratulations and secondly, check out and share these tutorials with your team as top tip number 4 is to provide easy to digest training for the team.


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