what is equipment tracking?

What is Equipment Tracking?


Equipment tracking can mean many different things. It can be the physical tracking of equipment as it moves from site to site, or it can be about how you manage your equipment.

All in all, equipment tracking is how you look after your kit and ensure it’s always in the right place, with the right people.


Physical Equipment Tracking 

When it comes to equipment tracking, the first thing that’ll come to mind is the physical tracking of your equipment.

What does this mean? Using asset tags in the form of QR codes, RFID tags, or BLE tags to track equipment as it moves around. 

Linking an asset tag to a piece of equipment will make that piece of equipment unique. This way, whenever you scan the asset tag, information including the last seen location and the user who scanned it will update for that asset.

This means that whenever your equipment moves, you can track it by scanning it in and out of sites.

Other features can help supplement this, including equipment booking features and advanced location features, meaning you’ll be able to track exactly where all of your equipment is.


Equipment Management

The other side of equipment tracking is the management of said equipment. It’s not much help to know where your assets are if you don’t know the condition they’re in.

With a great asset tracking software, you’ll be able to track your equipment and manage it all in the same place.

The idea of asset tracking is to minimise asset downtime and to maximise accountability. Knowing who has what or where it works wonders for accountability, but doesn’t show the full picture.

Being able to create reminders for necessary maintenance and repairs assists with knowing which equipment you can use. Knowing an asset is going to have downtime in advance means that you’ll be able to put measures in place to ensure your business is running efficiently.

You’ll also be able to track and manage your equipment by running reports so that you can see precisely what everything is doing and where it is.


More than just Tools

When you think of equipment, you’ll most likely think of tools or other physical, manual kit.

Asset tracking doesn’t just apply to tools, however. Your equipment can be your IT assets if they’re needed out in the field. It can be a variety of plant equipment that runs in the background. It can be any sort of fixed asset.

So, the same things as before apply. Asset tracking is helpful even if an asset doesn’t move around much. You’ll still be able to use it to manage the equipment and minimise any potential downtime.

Overall, asset tracking can generate an excellent ROI for these reasons. Knowing exactly where your tools are, across all sites at any one moment is powerful. Tracking when maintenance will happen at the touch of a button is vital. Seeing how effectively your assets are running at any given moment is crucial.

Using equipment tracking software to know about all of this in a simple web portal and app can help you save a lot of time and a lot of money. The extra accountability alone goes a long way.

itemit can help you track and manage all of your equipment, from tools to IT assets, to plant equipment. To find out more, you can contact us at any time, or fill in the form below.

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