What is equipment maintenance tracking and how do I use it?

As the expression goes: “Technology is great. When it works.” No matter what assets and equipment your business relies on, you will undoubtedly know that all too familiar tools and equipment going wrong.

Not just this, but you may also need to undergo calibrations, implement preventative maintenance, or create a routine maintenance schedule on top of any reactive maintenance that you may require. 

With equipment maintenance tracking, you’ll be able to keep on top of all manner of maintenance, from reactive to preventative. 


What Is Equipment Maintenance Tracking?

Equipment maintenance tracking is where you log, manage, schedule and undertake maintenance that your assets require. This can include reactive and planned maintenance as well as inspections and servicing. 

With equipment maintenance management software, you’ll also be able to report issues against assets so you’ll see in real-time any issues reported on your tools and equipment.

The simplest way to implement a better equipment maintenance tracking process in your business is to use equipment maintenance tracking software. This is usually available as part of a broader asset tracking system.


Top tips for equipment maintenance tracking

Log each piece of equipment uniquely

To effectively manage your assets, each individual tool and piece of equipment should be logged in your software separately. This means that each of your assets is unique in the software, just like in real life. Using a QR Code asset tag, you can then link the physical piece of equipment to the digital profile.

Equipment maintenance tracking is far more beneficial to your business when each asset is considered uniquely. That way you know the specific assets maintenance history and can make informed decisions about its viability.


Log maintenance schedules

All equipment maintenance should be recorded in the software, including reactive, preventative and routine maintenance. You can create reminders for your routine tests and inspections, such as PAT tests, so that you never miss an important date and can remain compliant.

As well as this, if assets are getting worked on over a specific period, you can also book them out so that all of your colleagues know which pieces of equipment are unavailable for use. 

Finally, with an issues management system, reporting issues is simple. All it takes is the quick scan of the QR code, and the issue can be submitted. In fact, with public profiles, this process is even faster and doesn’t require the app! This is helpful in facilities management if you want to give your tenants more ability to report issues and keep your email count low.

Then, you can prioritise the issues and mark them as fixed when the maintenance is complete. 

Equipment maintenance tracking is simple when you use a system such as itemit. To find out more, start your free trial by filling in the form below or contact us at team@itemit.com.

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