Equipment checkout software - what is it?

Equipment checkout software helps your business to know what equipment is available, its condition, and where it is. It adds an additional element to asset tracking and management, which is key to ensuring your colleagues have the assets they need to get the job done well.


How Does Equipment Checkout Software Work?


Compile a list of your equipment 

The process of equipment tracking starts with a need to log your tools and equipment in a system. This has to be the first step in your process. Once you’ve got accurate equipment records, everything else comes easily. Logging your equipment can be as simple as recording the name of the asset and its serial number. Later on, you can always add more information including:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Date of purchase
  • Purchase Price
  • User manuals
  • Inspection Date
  • Servicing Date
  • Current value
  • Owner
  • Availability
  • and more!


Tag and scan your equipment

The way equipment checkout software works is simple. 

Each piece of equipment will have a unique profile and be tagged with a QR Code asset tag. Every time this piece of equipment needs to be checked out, the user checking it out need only scan the QR code and mark it as checked out.

Effective equipment checkout software will also come with a bookings feature, meaning that equipment can be booked in advance to avoid any confusion or double booking.

So, if you need to check out, say, a Projector for your upcoming meeting, all you need to do is open your equipment checkout software on your mobile, scan the QR tag, and check out the Projector.


See item availability at a glance

All of your employees can have access to your equipment management system will also be able to use the itemit web portal. What this means is that they’ll be able to see which pieces of equipment are available. If the equipment they need is available, they can quickly check it out or book it for a future time period.

Alternatively, you may want to have fewer people in charge of all of your bookings. In this case, all it takes is a booking request, and your administrators will be able to look up whether the asset is free in your equipment checkout software. After this, they’ll be able to verify whether the asset can be checked out or not.

We’d recommend the former, however, as rolling your equipment checkout software to your entire company cuts out any middle-men or red tape. Simply select an asset, check it’s available, and check it out!


The Benefits of Equipment Checkout Software

Equipment checkout software has many benefits for businesses. One of the most significant benefits is that all of your colleagues can use it and interact with the software in real-time. What this means is everyone gets a totally transparent view of what they can use, when, and for how long. Here are just some of the additional benefits you’ll get.

  • Monitor equipment availability
  • Real-time updates of asset location 
  • Find assets close by that are available for use
  • Ensure smooth operations by giving full transparency of tools and equipment to the team
  • Plan for future events and projects by booking equipment in advance

You can also integrate your equipment checkout software with other apps using Zapier, so that you can see bookings on Google Calendar or Trello.

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