How Using IT Asset Management Will Save your Business Money

The goal of IT asset management software is to track your business assets. This includes tracking not just IT hardware whereabouts but also the condition, status and historical maintenance of each piece of equipment. As a result, you’ll save your business time and money by implementing an IT asset management solution.

There are some specifics to how IT asset management saves your business money. For a start, knowing where your assets are at any given moment helps you maintain a high level of control over them. So, how does IT asset management save your business money? 


Lose fewer assets with better IT inventory management 

IT asset management includes a discipline known as “IT inventory management“. Managing your inventory helps you keep track of what you own and where it is, significantly reducing asset losses.


  1. Create an IT asset register by logging all hardware and equipment
  2. Extend the usefulness of your IT asset register by tagging IT hardware. Note: There are a few different tags you can use, but we usually recommend QR code asset tags, for IT equipment and computers but we do also offer an RFID tagging and tracking solution
  3. Assign computers, laptops and other IT hardware to members of the team to record who has what
  4. Book assets in advance and checkout hardware and computers
  5. Run customisable reports to see which assets are overdue and which need maintenance

Here’s what your IT inventory might look like after you’ve started to tag and track your assets: 


IT Asset Register


Track maintenance, warranties and asset lifecycles with your hardware asset management system

When you have an accurate inventory of all your hardware, the next money-saving step is to use the same system to monitor your assets throughout their whole lifecycle. This includes:

  • purchasing and things like warranties and insurance
  • inspections
  • maintenance
  • replacement

The best way to manage IT hardware is to track all the changes each asset goes through and to use that data to make informed decisions. itemit offers you an easy way to record both routine and reactive maintenance. Additionally, you can also record warranties and contracts against each unique asset.

Here’s what one of your asset profiles might look like: 


Computer asset management system


Track asset depreciation with your IT asset management software

Each of your IT assets has a useful or effective lifetime associated with it and at some stage, it will need to be replaced. What itemit gives you is an easy way to monitor each piece of hardware and determine when is the right time for a replacement. 

See at a glance who’s using your assets, how much maintenance they’ve required and what their current value is. itemit’s depreciation feature lets you do all this and more!


How itemit will save your business money

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