How to Manage Your Equipment Effectively and Efficiently

How to Manage Your Equipment Effectively and Efficiently

Here at itemit, we know the importance of effective and efficient equipment management. When a business knows exactly how to manage all of its equipment, the day-to-day running is easier. In addition to this, the business in question can make more informed decisions about equipment allocation and procurement.

The Best Asset Tracking Implementations And Use Cases

Create an Inventory List

One of the first aspects of efficient Equipment Asset Management involves creating an inventory list. While this process may take a lot of time and effort, it’s essential in terms of understanding what equipment you have. In addition to helping with equipment allocation and procurement, an inventory list can aid in the equipment’s overall organization.

When businesses know what equipment they have, they know what is surplus to requirement. They can also have a clear understanding of how well the business is performing. This is essential if management wishes to grow and expand the business.

Add Details of Your Equipment

While creating an inventory list, adding the details of the equipment can help. Users can add details such as:

  • The insurance information
  • The warranty details
  • The price at purchase
  • The estimated current price
  • The equipment’s estimated life span
  • Where the equipment is typically located
  • Who the equipment belongs to 
  • The equipment’s serial number
  • Photographs of the equipment for easy identification
  • Any other useful information 

All of the above details can be added to itemit, ensuring that users can retrieve the assets information when required. Should a user need to find the insurance paperwork, for example, they won’t need to search far. Users can log in to the system and find the information displayed when they select the relevant equipment. This can save time while being wholly convenient.

Track Your Equipment

Thanks to the way that itemit’s software works, users can track their equipment. They can see where their equipment is at all times. This is ideal when assets are moved between locations. At the touch of a button, it’s easy to locate equipment which has been previously scanned using the app. Users will be shown the last-known location when using QR codes.

Users can also track fixed assets, for example, assembly machines. Machines such as these may need to be used a specific number of times before they are serviced. When logging into the Equipment Asset Management software, users can see how often the machine is used. However, this process will only work if, when the machine is used, the details are inputted. 

For example, the assembly machine is switched on, and the user logs the use in the software’s menu. From time to time, management can check how often the machine is used and know whether it needs to be serviced. This is how itemit’s Equipment Asset Management software can prove to be hugely beneficial.

Maintain Your Equipment

It is possible for management to keep maintenance and service schedules up to date. For example, should something go wrong with a piece of machinery, the user can log the details. They can request via itemit’s menu for the maintenance team to check the equipment. The maintenance team will receive an alert and book the machinery in for repair. 

When machinery and equipment undergo frequent maintenance it has an extended lifespan. Additionally, management can gain an understanding as to whether the equipment needs to be replaced.

Understand Whether Procurement is Necessary

The right Equipment Asset Management software can aid businesses in many ways. One example of this is that the software can aid in future procurement. Managers can see how often equipment is used and understand if more equipment is required. 

Thanks to the way that the software works, users can check equipment in and out. This process ensures that management can see not only how often it’s used, but when and by whom. Should one piece of equipment be in high demand, management will see this. They can choose to buy another piece of equipment or wait to see if demand remains high.

Only when management has accurate details of equipment usage can they make more informed decisions. With this information, there’s a possibility for the business to continue to succeed. It also ensures that everyone on the factory floor, for example, has the tools they need. When people have the tools they need, they can carry out their tasks more effectively and efficiently.

Use itemit’s Equipment Asset Management Software

Itemit’s Equipment Asset Management is here to help businesses of all shapes and sizes. Thanks to the way that it works, the software can help in many areas of every business. If you would like to speak to one of our team about our software, please contact them at Alternatively, you may wish to start a 14-day Free Trial to see how well our Equipment Asset Management software works for you.

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