How Asset Tracking Software Helps Football Clubs

Here at itemit, we understand how important it is for football clubs to track their assets. Football clubs have many assets,from international football clubs to local ones, every club has more assets than they realise.  

A hugely effective way to track assets is by using itemit’s asset tracking software. This software works to keep track of every single asset so users know where they are at all times. Users can log into itemit’s menu and see each asset’s last-known location. 

There are other benefits associated with using the right asset tracking software. Some of these benefits include:

Adding An Extra Layer Of Security

Every football club knows that it can be difficult to keep track of every asset. As a result, assets might go missing from time to time. However, when the right tracking software is used, there’s immediately an extra layer of security. 

Users of itemit’s software can see where the assets are at all times. What this means is that should an asset be taken off site, for example, users can see where it is. This can help immensely with asset retrieval. Additionally, this extra layer of security means that fewer assets will need to be replaced. As a result, much-needed money can be spent elsewhere. 

When players know the assets they’re using are tracked they’re likely to feel more responsible for them. This means they may take greater care of them, helping the club to save money.

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Helping To Monitor The Condition Of Each Asset

One of the major benefits of using asset tracking software is that it can prolong the life of each asset. If an asset such as a goal post is broken, for example, other users can be notified. The individual who spotted the broken goal post can report it to the maintenance team. The team will receive an alert and understand that action needs to be taken. 

When an issue is reported, the maintenance team can get to work quickly and reduce downtime. What this means for the football club is they’ll have all of the goal posts they need. They will no longer have to make do with less-than-perfect goal posts or no goal posts at all. In other words, important training and games can take place without the need for compromise. 

When assets are maintained more often it means they’re likely to last longer. As a result, it’s unlikely that replacement assets will be required. This means that every football club can save money or spend the money where it’s needed the most.

Reminding Users Of Important Dates

Remembering important dates is not always easy. However, thanks to the way that itemit’s software works, users can be reminded of important dates. For example, they could be reminded of:

  • Regular maintenance 
  • Warranty checks
  • Subscription updates
  • PAT tests
  • The football club’s anniversaries
  • Every player’s birthday
  • And much more 

There is no reason for users of itemit’s asset tracking software to worry about missing important dates. As long as the dates have been added to an asset profile, users will receive an alert. 

Users can set a reminder for as many dates as they wish, knowing they’ll have peace of mind. This feature alone can prove to be hugely beneficial to a football club, no matter its size.

Locating Your Assets In Seconds

It is entirely possible for football clubs to locate their assets in seconds. As long as an RFID tag or a QR code is attached to an asset, it can be tracked. All that users need to do is to log into itemit’s asset tracking software. Once users are logged in, they will see where the asset was last scanned if it contains a QR tag or which reader the asset last passed if it contains an RFID tag. You can also use an RFID handheld scanner to identify assets nearby.

This feature can prove to be very useful. Football clubs everywhere can keep track of all of their assets and help to reduce asset loss. It is possible to see whether the asset in question is where it should be. If the asset has been left behind, for example, users will know exactly where it is. Users can then retrieve the asset, should they wish to. 

It really is possible to see where assets are at the touch of a button. itemit takes the guesswork out of locating assets, making running a football club much easier.

Use itemit’s Asset Tracking Software

There are many benefits to using itemit’s asset tracking software. It’s no wonder that more and more sports clubs, businesses, and organisations are now using our tracking software. 

Find out just how well our tracking software can help your football club today. Contact our friendly and knowledgeable team now at Alternatively, you may wish to sign up for a 14-day free trial to see how well our software works for you. Fill in the form below to get started.

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