3 reasons why you need a better construction equipment tracking system

If you work in the construction industry, you’ll know how important it is to track and manage your tools. If you’re still experiencing some issues, however, you may need a better construction equipment tracking system.

For example, if tools still regularly go missing, if you don’t know who’s using what, or if you’re spending too much time on asset retrieval, you may need a better construction equipment tracking system. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key signs that indicate you need a better equipment management system.


1) Missing Tools

If your tools regularly go missing, you need a better way of tracking their whereabouts, seeing who had an asset last and holding people accountable for lost assets.

Missing tools can be as a result of theft but it can also be due to construction projects often being somewhat of a logistical nightmare. So, if someone has left a tool somewhere unknown, or worse, if a tool is left at a different site, you may need a better system in place to track these tools.


Solution: Construction Tool Tracking Apps

Using QR code asset tags, you’ll be able to track your tools with a construction tool tracking app. This way, every time a tool moves, its QR code can be scanned, updating its geolocation.

Construction tool tracking apps speed up your asset retrieval processes and help you find all of your tools for use much faster.


2) Unclear Maintenance Schedules

Asset downtime is necessary. Tools need to be calibrated and maintained, whether pre-emptively or reactively.

If you find yourself not knowing when a construction tool or piece of equipment is undergoing downtime and maintenance, it may be helpful to invest in a better construction equipment tracking system.


Solution: Construction Equipment Maintenance Software

Implement a construction equipment tracking process in your business that allows you and your colleagues to checkout equipment so that you can see at a glance whether the asset you need to maintain is required by anyone else int he business. Additionally, you can set reminders to show when maintenance is required so that your colleagues have full visibility over when assets will be unavailable.

With an effective issues management system, you’ll also be able to see which tools and equipment need more immediate maintenance and notify your team more effectively.

More clarity when it comes to maintenance and calibration schedules means less asset downtime, and more clarity of what’s available for use means a more efficient workforce. Now that’s something we all strive for!


3) Limited Accountability and Audit Trails

Finally, audit trails and accountability are necessary for any number of reasons.

If you don’t know information about asset movement, depreciation, finances, insurance details, or even specific compliance information, it may be time to invest in a better construction equipment tracking system.


Solution: Construction Equipment Asset Management

Construction equipment tracking allows you to create and maintain an effective fixed asset register.

This means you’ll be able to run reports about asset maintenance, movement, use, and finances, tying together all of the previous problems, and giving you better records.

Equipment asset management helps you see everything your assets do on a day to day basis, with any changes or updates occurring in real-time. 

Having exportable reports, therefore, allows you to keep this information for insurance, compliance, financial, and decision-making purposes.

itemit’s construction equipment tracking system can solve these three problems for you. itemit’s system allows you to maintain, manage, and update your assets. From seeing where they’ve been, to who’s using them, to how they’re being used, itemit will improve the process of asset tracking in your business.

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