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If you’re looking for good asset tracking software in the UK, then there are some things you must consider. We’ll delve into our top tips for making sure the time and effort you put into searching for asset tracking software is not wasted.

First things first, asset tracking software comes in all shapes and sizes. It can be very basic, or it can be all-singing-all-dancing. Nevertheless, there are fundamental benefits your asset tracking system must give you to be worth the investment.


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Fundamental benefits your asset tracking software must provide:

  1. Know what assets the business has
  2. Know where assets are and who has them
  3. Ensure asset records are up to date and accurate 

If you’re using asset tracking software and you aren’t getting these three crucial benefits, something has gone wrong. Give us a call on 01223 421611, and we will help to shed some light on the matter.

Here are our top tips to ensure you reap the benefits of asset tracking software.


Top tips for asset tracking software in the UK

  1. Speak to your software provider (yes, on the actual phone!)
  • Call us old fashioned, but we think it’s necessary to get on the blower and get a feel for how your relationship is likely to pan out. Investing in asset tracking software isn’t just about the cost of the software; it’s about the time and effort you and your team will need to contribute to ensuring the software is a success. You need to be confident that the software you choose, comes with a team that are supportive, readily available to deal with queries and are keen to hear feedback and suggestions.

2. Make sure there’s a friendly UK-based support team

  • You run into an urgent problem. You need to speak to the software provider immediately. Imagine the pain you’ll feel if time differences mean you need to wait a few hours, or until the end of the day to get some assistance. Pre-empt this problem and opt for UK-based asset tracking software, with easily contactable support staff.

3. Purchase cutting edge software

  • Do not fall into the trap of buying software that is already out of date. As we all see in our day to day lives, technology advances at exceptional (and somewhat terrifying) speeds. If you buy asset tracking software that is already falling behind the times, then you are doomed. 

4. Ensure your asset tracking software is future-proofed and cloud-based 

  • What do we mean? The way we all conduct business and access data, systems and each other is converging. We demand highly sophisticated and integrated systems that interact with each other, so we don’t have to. Choose a system that allows for easy integration and provides mobile asset tracking apps.
  • Your asset tracking software must be cloud-based. In practice, this means you can access the system from anywhere, rather than needing to be at your computer and that your devices are updated in real-time and synchronise the data between themselves.

5. Ask about the software roadmap

  • Nobody likes stale systems. The best way to ensure the asset tracking software you choose complements your growing business is to check out its roadmap. Some companies publish this on their website, whereas others keep this as an internal tool. A roadmap of your UK asset tracking software will inform you of upcoming features and functionality that you could take advantage of – there may be some fantastic new features just around the corner that you won’t want to miss out on!

6. Do your research and try before you buy

  • Most importantly, assess your options, weigh up the cost against the UK asset tracking software support team and find out what else the provider might be able to offer you, such as free demos, sample asset tags, and ongoing consultative support.
  • If you’re looking at an asset tracking system that doesn’t give you a free trial – move on! You must try the software before you buy it to ensure it’s fit for purpose.

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