choosing the right computer asset management system for your business

Your business is built on computers. Especially now, with many working from home on their laptops, interacting on Zoom and Slack, it’s clearer now that computers are propping up the global workforce.

A computer asset management system has always been important, but knowing that everyone has the right technology, in the right place, and can work on the right things is more crucial than ever.

With more movement between homes, offices, and sites coming up over the coming months, now is as good a time as any to start using an asset management system to ensure you know where your IT hardware is and who’s got it

It’s also a good a time as any to find the right asset management system for your business.


Trialling your Asset Tracking Software

Of course, you’ll want to roll out your computer asset tracking software in stages. While we expect it to be love at first sight if you start tracking your assets with itemit, we understand that logistically, it can be easier to start with a small subset of assets or sites initially.

That’s why we offer a 14-day free trial for all of our customers, which you can start here.

After you’ve trialled our IT asset management software, we’re confident you’ll want to start rolling it out further, so we still suggest a smaller scale trial, perhaps in one department.

Our asset management system is highly scalable. So, when you’ve collected the data about people need in your department, it’s much simpler to bring the software further.

You only pay for what you need, so when you’re on a smaller scale, you can opt for one of our smaller packages, before spreading the asset tracking love to your entire business.

Testing IT Asset Management Capabilities

While you’re trialling, you’ll want to test all of the capabilities of your IT asset management software. Not only does this help you with the day-to-day running of your business, but it helps you predict how you can use the software when things scale.

For example, when your business is scaling, during a smaller scale trial, you can test how scalable your computer asset management system will be.

With features such as assigning computers to colleagues, for example, you’ll be able to see that you can use itemit to help with onboarding staff. Inventory count is quickly visible, and you’ll know how many new assets you need for new starters.

But you’ll also be able to test the features that help you with every-day accountability, cost-saving, and efficiency. For example, tracking asset location with QR tags allows you to verify where your assets are. The equipment checkout feature helps you know which computers are available for use, and which ones are undergoing downtime for maintenance. The itemit Collections feature help you partition your assets, too.

Computer asset management system

This is why we believe a free trial is so important. We’re so confident you’ll find all the features you need in our computer asset management system, we’ll let you see it for yourself!

Over time, you’ll be able to see a high return on investment from better-informed decisions, such as when assets need to be replaced or decommissioned. Your workforce will also be more efficient because you can assign the higher-end computers to your developers and the speedy ones to your sales and marketing teams.

So, what have you got to lose? To find out more, you can contact the team at, or fill in the form below to start your free trial. We’ll even throw in some free QR codes!

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