what is a fixed asset register?

An asset tracking solution usually involves implementing software, an asset tagging strategy and a set of processes to improve the management and control you have over your tools, equipment and assets. There are different types of asset tracking systems available to you, but they all follow a similar principle.

The objective is always to gain greater control and visibility over the assets your business relies on. However, depending on the nature of your work, the particular product or service you deliver and the size of your business, you may opt for different solutions. For example, a simple QR barcode tagging solution may be all that is required to identify equipment instantly. Alternatively, it could be a bespoke RFID solution you’re looking for. You can even use GPS tagging for real-time tracking if your biggest challenge is that assets move rapidly and regularly get lost or misplaced.

The best asset tracking solution will allow you to utilise any number of tracking technologies to ensure you track each asset optimally. This will help your business to run more efficiently. 

But what are the top uses for your business? We’ll look into the top 3, here.


1. IT hardware asset management

Managing your business’ IT hardware can become very challenging. Depending on the size of your business, if you’ve got to cover computer asset tracking as well as tracking IT devices and other hardware plus the maintenance of this equipment, you have a lot of work and assets to organise. 

With IT asset management software, all necessary processes are simplified and controlled. Asset tracking solutions provide all of your assets with a unique digital representation. Having a unique asset profile for all of your IT assets allows you to add specific information to each item. For example, you can add user manuals, warranty information, and user access information against an individual asset. 

Then, when you’re onboarding new members of staff and giving them their set of devices and equipment, you can assign hardware to each new starter with your hardware asset management solution. This ensures you have an accurate record of what equipment is assigned to each of your colleagues and also helps to ensure GDPR compliance.

Great asset tracking solutions will also allow you to raise, track, and manage issues, creating a history of maintenance against an individual asset. Whether it’s PAT testing or reactive maintenance, you’ll know when IT hardware is no longer economical to repair.


2. Equipment check in check out software

Equipment check in check out software is a beneficial element of your asset tracking solution. It allows you to maintain visibility across all of your assets.

If your asset management solution includes a check in check out functionality, it means you can see which assets are available, which are in use, or even which are undergoing maintenance. You’ll also be able to see when checked out equipment is due to be returned.

The best asset tracking solutions don’t stop there, though. In addition, you and your team will receive email reminders, prompting you that equipment is due to be returned. You can even take advantage of the integration with Zapier to link your bookings and check outs to, for example, your google calendar.

booking assets and checking them in and out

3. Tool tracking

If your business relies on tools, if you’re in the construction industry or just have small tools to track, then asset tracking solutions can also help transform the way you monitor tools and equipment

With the use of QR tags, you’ll be able to link your asset profiles to your physical equipment. This way, every time you scan your tools to bring up their asset profile, their geo-location will also be updated in real-time. So, if your tools move from site to site, you need only scan them to verify that they’ve arrived at their destination. 

You can also assign tools to users, so you know what everyone is using. If you need to calibrate your instruments, you can enter, manage, and maintain your calibration schedule using your asset tracking solution. You’ll also then be able to view all of this maintenance and usage data in customisable reports, which you can export as and when required.



In summary, if you invest in the best UK asset tracking software, then asset management solutions will solve a lot of your problems in one fell swoop!

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