5 ways heavy equipment maintenance software will help you deliver projects on budget and on time

As a business accustomed to juggling multiple complex projects at once, you don’t need us to tell you how critical it is to have sound logistical and planning processes in place to ensure your projects meet their deadlines and budgets. The process of improvement is continuous, particularly with advances in technology that unlock new efficiencies in day to day operations. 

One such technology is new tools allowing for much easier and smarter tracking of heavy equipment. Did you know that heavy equipment maintenance software will help you save both time and money?

Heavy equipment maintenance software will provide you with:

  • More time to focus on delivering a job
  • Increased accountability within your organisation
  • More responsibility accepted for critical assets
  • More transparency of asset whereabouts and availability
  • Less wasted money

How? Here are five ways heavy equipment maintenance software will deliver great benefits to your construction business.

heavy equipment maintenance software asset register


1. Track Equipment to See Where it is Instantly

You’ve got hundreds, if not thousands of assets spread across tens or hundreds of different projects and jobs. It’s easy to see how this can become unmanageable without proper construction equipment tracking in place. Luckily, construction equipment asset management software makes it easy to track and manage all of your assets. 

Each piece of equipment is tagged using heavy-duty QR code tags. At itemit, we work with dozens of construction companies of all and sizes and understand the importance of top quality tags that will stand the test of time. Yes, they’ll withstand being chucked about in the back of your vans, and yes, they’re ideal for being stuck on assets left to fend for themselves outdoors.

Here’s our standard aluminium tag which comes in 2 sizes as standard.

anodised aluminium QR asset label tags


  • Small – 25mm square
  • Large – 50mm square

All of our robust aluminium QR tags come with a strong 3M adhesive on the reverse as standard. If you’d like a free sample of our tags, including both aluminium and vinyl QR code asset tags then please click the button below to get a free sample pack sent out to you.

With QR tags, every time someone scans one of your assets, itemit automatically records the location of the asset, who has it and when. If you’re looking for a solution with even more automation, then GPS asset tracking could be the perfect solution for you. With GPS tags, you remove the manual element of scanning a QR tag, and you can see the location of your assets in real-time.

Having this type of equipment tracking system in place means you can see at a glance where assets are and who has them. This means you and your teams will save significant amounts of time when trying to locate equipment and you’ll no longer need to make unnecessary trips to sites only to be disappointed that what you need is not in fact there. The knock-on effects on petrol savings and lowering your carbon footprint are fantastic bonuses to add to your return on investment calculations.

2. Use Equipment Maintenance Tracking to Keep Heavy Equipment Running Smoothly

Now let’s address the many inspections, maintenance, calibration, testing and routine checks that must be carried out on your equipment, plant and machinery. All of this is also handled by your equipment management software.

It’s as simple as logging all of these reminders for calibrations and maintenance in the software, and you’ll be alerted when each is due. This means at any point in time, you can run a report to see which pieces of equipment need attention, and which will need routine maintenance shortly.

As a result of better equipment maintenance management, you’ll experience less asset downtime and optimal maintenance schedules that avoid times when particular assets are needed. More on this later! All in all, this means more efficient operations and less money and time wasted.

reminders for heavy equipment maintenance software

3. Monitor Equipment Faults and Fix Issues Faster

If you’ve read enough to see that you really need heavy equipment maintenance software in your life, click the button below to start a free 14-day trial of itemit.

If you’re keen to find out more, the next thing to consider is managing the faults and issues reported against your assets. itemit makes this easy. Issues can be reported by you and your team, on the go, simply by scanning an asset’s tag and submitting an issue. By utilising this as part of your construction equipment maintenance solution, you’re keeping track of everything in one safe place. 

Check out this quick video to see the itemit issues management solution in action.


So, while reminders can show you when asset downtime is required and how to minimise this, an issues management system shows you how severe an issue is, as well as when the issue was reported which means you can get your equipment back to running optimally in no time.

Heavy equipment maintenance software not only helps you prevent issues, but also helps you to solve them. 


4. Know Who’s Using What With Equipment Checkout Software

From our experience, it’s fairly common for businesses to not know what’s in use, what’s undergoing maintenance, and what’s been rented out to which company. Is it necessary? No.

Your heavy equipment maintenance software allows you to use equipment checkout capabilities to show your entire company what is and isn’t available for use. This method of communication is much better than the Chinese whispers that often go around the workplace. Having one system for all to see shows everyone what they can and can’t use in an instant. itemit even lets you book the equipment you need in advance, to ensure you have the right assets to deliver a job on time.

This means a more productive workforce as there’s less time looking for what’s available, which translates to less wasted time and more money in your back pocket.


5. A Complete Construction Equipment Tracking Solution

Putting it all together, you can then customise and export reports in your heavy equipment maintenance software. This leverages the data gathered by the system and lets you make smart, informed decisions about your assets, projects and workforce.

You’ll be able to see specifics, such as where assets have been over any given period of time, how much maintenance they’ve required, and who has been using what. Thus, these reports are what will inform the best possible business decisions for future projects, as you get full transparency over which tools and equipment you should and shouldn’t be using for which jobs.


Construction equipment tracking reporting feature


What Should you do Now?

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