3 reasons you need fixed asset management software for your business

If you need more control over your businesses’ assets, equipment, and tools, then you need fixed asset management software.

Fixed asset management software gives you the ability to track assets from the cradle to the grave. For example, if you’re using fixed asset management software for IT asset tracking, you can track your IT assets from the moment of purchase to when they need to be decommissioned and beyond.

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So, what are the three main reasons your business needs fixed asset register software?


1. Location Tracking With Fixed Asset Tagging

You’ll need to track the location of your assets. For example, if you’re a construction company and your assets frequently move from site to site, location tracking can help you verify that everything you own is in the right place.

With fixed asset tagging, you’ll be able to link your physical assets to your fixed asset management software. This means, every time your fixed asset tag gets scanned, user information and location data updates in real-time.

Across the board, therefore, everyone can see where the asset was last seen. This helps with asset retrieval, too. If one of your assets is left on-site for days, you’ll know how best to retrieve it, saving you time and money.

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2. Create a Manageable Fixed Asset Register

The next reason you need fixed asset management software is the ease it can give your reporting processes.

Fixed asset management software helps you create customisable fixed asset registers, which show you all of the data you need to know.

So, if you’re auditing which fixed assets needed maintenance that month, you can customise a report to display this data, then export it for financial and planning purposes.

You’ll also be able to export your entire fixed asset register as a pdf with images, showing you all of the information you need to know about your assets.

fixed asset management software report


3. Track Everything From Maintenance to Fixed Asset Inventory

The basics have been covered. You can track the location of your fixed assets, then run reports and audits on this. However, with itemit’s fixed asset management software, you can do so much more.

You’ll be able to monitor equipment checkouts, for example, if they’re being used or if they’ve been rented out. You can also assign assets to users, which is helpful for onboarding, and organise assets into collections or specific locations in hierarchies.

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