How To Organise Your Warehouse Using Tracking Software

How To Organise Your Warehouse Using Tracking Software

Anyone who works in a warehouse will tell you that organisation is key. Knowing where everything is needs to be a top priority. This is simply because you cannot go about your work if the warehouse is untidy. 

We all know that keeping a warehouse tidy and organised is often easier said than done. When multiple people work in one area, chances are at least a few of them will be disorganised. The very good news is that when you use equipment tracking software, keeping your warehouse organised is easy. Let’s take a look at how you too can have an organised and tidy warehouse.

Add An RFID Tag To Everything

To begin with, you need to add an RFID tag to all of your assets or pallets. When you add a tag you start the ball rolling in the equipment tracking process.

An RFID tag contains data that helps you to track the location of the asset it’s attached to. It’s able to do this because once the tag is attached you need to scan it. Once scanned, you will see that a digital price has been created. This profile can be full of useful information about the asset in question.

If you don’t need to tag individual assets but pallets or cages of stock instead, RFID tags can still prove useful. They can show you exactly where the pallets or cages are. Consequently, you should be able to find the cage of stock you need, when you need it.

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Set Up A Digital Profile

As we have already seen, you need to set up a digital profile. Don’t worry, this is a fairly easy thing to do. All that’s required is for you to scan the tag you have attached to an asset or pallet, etc. Then, a profile will open up. Now, (as we saw earlier) you will have the chance to add details about the asset or pallet. 

You could, for example, add information about the asset’s date of purchase, cost, model number, and more. If you’re tracking a cage or a pallet, you could mention where it’s located and the location/pallet number (if applicable) that’s been assigned to it. This will help you to find there the pallet is located, thereby saving you and your team some time. This is one of the benefits associated with using equipment tracking software. 

Start Tracking Everything

Now it’s time for you to start tracking everything. This is where your new equipment tracking software will come into its own. Your shiny new software can show you a pallet’s last-known location and even where a cage of stock is now

Did you know that as soon as you scan an RFID tag the software automatically starts scanning the tag’s location? This ensures that you can see where your pallet of goods is all day, every single day. 


When you start tracking pallets, etc. You instantly become more organised. You can see where they’re located in the warehouse. This will no doubt help you to retrieve assets quicker. It can also help you to know which pallet or cage needs filling up with new stock.

Know Where Every Asset Is Located

When you know where everything is all of the time fewer things will go missing. In fact, your new equipment tracking software will act a little like a security system. When everyone knows that everything is tracked they’re unlikely to remove it from the premises. 

Should something get lost in your warehouse, simply log into your software and locate it. Within seconds. Yes, it is this simple. 

When you know where everything is you can have peace of mind. You can rest assured that your warehouse (and any other location where stock is stored) is organised. 

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Begin Working More Efficiently

As soon as you start to track everything you’ll also start to work more efficiently. You won’t need to traipse around your warehouse searching for a pallet of stock. You won’t need to ask a colleague to help you locate a cage of stock that needs to be delivered. 

As we have already seen, you can log into the software and find out where your pallets, cages, etc. are located. A direct consequence of this means that you could meet deadlines sooner. Your business could benefit from having happier customers. Additionally, you can understand what stock you actually have in the far corners of the warehouse. 

Give your business the chance it needs to thrive. Get your warehouse more organised by using tracking software. Know what’s coming in and out of your warehouse and what stock is left behind. Locate everything in no time at all so you and your team can get on with other tasks. 



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